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MGM's home video/DVD wing has been screwing over consumers by selling them bogus "widescreen" editions.

The "powers that be" in the music and movie businesses continue to moan about how they are hard done by, and losing their shirts to pirates and those evil file-traders. When it comes to indulging in a bit of larceny on their own, though, it seems that anything goes. Case in point - MGM's home video/DVD wing, who has been screwing over consumers by selling them "widescreen" editions that are actually "regular screen" editions that have black bars slapped on the top and bottom. MGM claims that they did nothing wrong, but they are also offering to pay you or replace your DVDs to shut you up, so you be the judge. And next time you have to sit through one of those bogus commercials at the start of a DVD telling you how piracy is taking the bread out of people's mouths, you might want to reflect on the say that this particular studio has treated it's law-abiding DVD-purchasing customers.

Note: if all this "aspect ratio" and "wide-screen" and "letterbox" and "pan and scan" talk leaves you with a spinning head, there is a pretty good tutorial on the whole mess here . You're welcome.

Posted: Mon - January 31, 2005 at 10:48 AM