New Jersey to the defense

New Jersey looks to right the wrongs of Blockbuster's deceitful "no late fees" campaign

Everyone capable of critical and independent thought realizes that Blockbuster's "no late fees" campaign is a big load of hooey. There is still a "fee" if you keep the movie too long - calling it a purchase (at Blockbuster's insanely inflated "retail" prices, of course) doesn't make it something other than a "fee". Blockbuster is counting on the fact that the average mope isn't capable of critical thought - which, when it comes to retail customers, is a pretty safe assumption.

What they didn't count on was being nailed by a government watchdog for this sleazy and deceptive new scheme. The state of New Jersey is looking to pound Blockbuster for deceitful and misleading advertising - and good on them. Nowhere in the commercials is there the implied "but" regarding the forced purchase of a late movie - they simply say "no more late fees", period, end of story.

DELETED SCENES: As an aside, not only do video chains have much higher retail prices than the average electronics or department store, but they get the DVDs at "cheaper than wholesale" prices due to a remastering process that adds "unskippable" trailers and advertisements to the start of the DVD. If you have ever purchased a used DVD at shlockbuster, you know of what I speak. So your "non late fee" is actually paying a inflated price for a discount product that is annoying to try and use. You GO, New Jersey. Sue the bastards into the ground.

Posted: Sat - February 19, 2005 at 08:57 AM