"Steve Jobs" rhymes with "Roy Hobbs"

Steve swings for the fences at AGM.

Sometimes it's just too easy. At the recent annual general meeting for Apple shareholders, someone asked Steve Jobs what he thought of the coming Longhorn product from Microsoft. He said he thought that it is flattering that once again Microsoft feels that the only path forward with Windows is to "shamelessly copy us". When served up with a nice fat hanging curveball, however, Steve is not the type to turn down the opportunity to swing for the fence ... so he followed up with the observation that OSX Tiger ships next week, and Longhorn ships (maybe) sometime in 2006. Steve's summation? "They cant even copy fast."

By the way: While Microsoft was busy stomping on human rights to sell 8 more copies of PowerPoint (see previous post on These Very Pages), Apple was devoting their AGM to protecting the environment and working towards more representation of women and minorities in senior management. The reader is invited to draw their own conclusions.

Posted: Fri - April 22, 2005 at 03:08 AM