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Newspaper war ... sort of.

If you live in an urban centre, you know all about free newspapers. What you might not know is that free newspapers are now big business, and they are evolving from "band listings and sex ads" into "daily news for urban professionals on the go". The big player in Canada right now is "Metro", a Swedish brand that you see in metropolises all over the globe. Trying to make inroads are "24" and the soon-to-be-maybe-released-if-we-can-find-some-advertisers "Dose". The streets in Toronto are a warzone for free publications right now, and the fight is being carried across the country to Vancouver

Metro already has an established presence there, and 24 joined the fight this week. Well, er ... tried to, anyway. Sadly, they forgot about the little matter of getting permits for their newspaper boxes, and when the distribution force went out Monday night to stock those boxes with the premiere edition, the boxes were all gone . The city of Vancouver had rounded them up and carted them off, and now they sit in a warehouse waiting to be sprung like so many little vagrants and bums.

Innocent question: How much do city workers make when they are out hauling boxes on Easter Sunday? Double time? Triple? Triple and a half? 24 could be looking at a very large bill ...

Posted: Thu - March 31, 2005 at 06:55 AM