Windoze security update

New tests show that an "out of the box" Windoze XP machine, once connected to the internet, has an expected survival window of less than 20 minutes and as little as FOUR minutes before it is attacked and compromised by zombiebots. USA Today has an easy-to-read story on this subject that you can send to the non-geeks in your life (with a handy timeline in the sidebar) who insist on using Windoze. Avantgarde has a full abstract on how various machines and operating systems get hit and respond - interestingly enough, OSX machines get hit just as often as the Windoze boxes, but have a 100% survival rate due to having a real OS.

Meanwhile, the much-maligned WINS protocol exposes yet another security hole in Windoze servers . As always, Microsoft blames the people who exposed the flaw, and not their own shoddy products.

Posted: Tue - November 30, 2004 at 04:48 PM