All this and flu shots too!

The iTunes Music Store is open for business in the Great White North.

After a LOT of legal wrangling, the iTunes Music Store is open for business in the Great White North . Apple has had all of the parts in place for months, but was held up by two crucial points - the difference in the Canadian dollar, and the fact that "personaly copying" is legally entrenched in our copyright laws. The dollar difference means that Canucks only pay about 80 cents U.S. per song, which is actually not such a big deal since CDs are generally cheaper here when you adjust the dollar - and no one is overly worried about people "purchasing by proxy" across the border to save a whole 19 cents. Apple has convinced the labels that it's just not worth the effort, and they seem to agree The real sticking point for the record companies is the potential challenge of the built-in iTunes "digital rights management" if anyone wants to bite the bullet and take the thing to court. Canadian law is pretty clear - if you own it, you can make as many copies FOR YOURSELF as you want. Period. Apple is apparently banking on the fact that most people have no real need to listen to the song on more than five of their own computers ... but watch for the "seven playlist" limit to quietly disappear over time.

iTunes, flu shots for all, proper beer, and real football. I wonder how many Americans wish we would invade THEM?

Posted: Thu - December 2, 2004 at 10:11 PM