The boy who cried racist wolf.

The Steve Nash / Shaq saga takes a nasty little twist ...

On the heels of yesterday's somewhat unconventional "Smartie" ... we present a case of a sports writer taking the argument against Steve Nash from "dumb" to "downright dangerous". The moron in question, Dan La Batard of the Miami Herald, actually drops the "race bomb" in trying to explain why his guy didn't win. Un-fucking-believable. The last time we saw something this ludicrous was when the Toronto Star - a publication noted for trying to find racial issues and discrimination where saner minds would find none - claimed that the Toronto Blue Jays were indulging in systematic racism at an organizational level. The problem, according to The Star, was that the Jays were signing the best players they could afford, regardless of race. Yeah, I know, makes no sense to me, either. But this new item is (to my mind) worse, because this is a writer with a personal agenda trying to whip up the specter of racism simply because he has no valid arguments to support his view. Haven't got a case? Play the race card.

Journalistic integrity indeed.

Posted: Tue - May 10, 2005 at 12:06 PM