Our home and native land redux

The battle for Canadian data privacy is heating up in B.C.

The battle for Canadian data privacy is heating up in a hurry. Yesterday we mentioned that the Martin government is showing some rare backbone in standing up to the PATRIOT act ... now we get word from British Columbia that the citizen of that fair province are up in arms to try and keep their medical records personal and private. The fear of large scale data "fishing" expeditions by the U.S. government is very real, and not without precedent. The worst fear here is that under the PATRIOT act almost anything - even having a physical illness - can be defined as a crime ... something that you might find out the hard way when you try and cross the border for a vacation and find out your name is on a "wanted" list.

Interesting aside: ChoicePoint, one of the data mining companies mentioned in the article, has an extremely lucrative contract with Microsoft to buy data related to MSN Instant Messenger. If you use MSN on a Windows machine, ChoicePoint has complete records of all of your email, IM conversations, web browsing history, and cookies. You're welcome.

Posted: Fri - February 4, 2005 at 09:31 AM