Animal Crossing Countdown - T minus 3

Don't forget your Club Z card ...

A few days ago it was noted in These Very Pages that the best way to get equipped with a DS (assuming that you don't already have one) for the impending awesomeness of Animal Crossing : Wild World was to buy the Mario Kart DS bundle. Nifty red DS, racing decals, and a free copy of the best kart racing game ever - what more could you want?

How about a free copy of AC:WW as well? This week only at Zellers you get a bonus copy of the new Animal Crossing game along with all of the goodies noted above. You will be set for WiFi heaven and all sorts of gaming goodness that should get you right through the winter - one box, mucho fun.

You're welcome.

Posted: Mon - December 5, 2005 at 11:20 AM