Animal Crossing Countdown - T minus 1

It's time ...

Some people have mentioned that they find it strange that the new Animal Crossing : Wild World has so much in common with the original GameCube title. There are three schools of thought here:

1 - Nintendo went with a "ain't broke, don't fix" philosophy.

2 - They figured that moving to (the ultimately more satisfying) handheld platform was change enough.

3 - All of the really wacky ideas are being saved for Revolution.

Of these three, I think that number 3 will end up being the closest to the truth. The "inclusive" nature of the Revolution controller is begging to be paired with an addictive-yet-non-traditional game, and AC fits the bill to a tee. And Miyamoto specifically used the events surrounding the AC:WW release to drop the bomb that there is another secret to the Revolution, one that will change the way we interact with "sandbox" games like AC. Apparently we will all find out what the big secret is at E3 2006.

See you in the forest tomorrow ...

Posted: Wed - December 7, 2005 at 10:16 PM