Animal Crossing Countdown - T minus 7

Are there hot dogs for the kids?

There were a lot of things that used to drive me mental in the original Animal Crossing. Topping that list may have been the fact that some other asshole in the village would own a piece of rare furniture that you were dying to get, and you would have to see it and burn up a little bit more every time you popped in to visit the loser of some inane errand.

Now you will at least have a chance to get your mitts on those items without waiting months for Nook to get the damn thing in at his store. In Animal Crossing : Wild World there is a "Flea Market Day" every other month where all of the animals have tag sales and sell off some of their possessions. If your haggling skills are up to par and you are willing to paw through all of the crap that your neighbours will be selling, you have a chance to finally get that one crucial item you need to max out your household karma.

Mmmm ... shopping.

Posted: Thu - December 1, 2005 at 10:25 PM