Animal Crossing Countdown - T minus 6

No more kimono ...

In the previous incarnation of Animal Crossing there was a monthly raffle over at Nook's store. You got tickets when you made large purchases and at the end of the month you would put your tickets in the big drum, Nook would give it a spin, reach in his filthy money-grubbing arm, and draw out winners for insanely hard to get items like an NES console. This was great fun, except for those months where you forgot about or were late for the lottery draw and on those months where you did remember to get to the draw in time only to see one of the other assholes in town walk away with the prize you wanted.

This pretty much sucked.

Thankfully, that system is now gone and has been replaced with a "loyalty card" program. Every purchase you make at Nook's now gets you points, and you can save up your points to get hard-to-find or one-of-a-kind items from Nook's rewards catalog. Instead of "CLub Z" we now have "Club Nook" ... and no doubt some wildly rampant disposable consumerism in the quest for big pile of points.

Posted: Fri - December 2, 2005 at 10:32 PM