Podcasts 'R Us

The magic million hits on the Big G ...

At this time last year podcasting wasn't even a buzzword. Six months ago, a Google search for "podcast" would get you a handful of hits. Today you get close to the magic million hits on the Big G (784,115 as of this morning, actually) and podcasting is now the single hottest topic in the world of "homegrown journalism".

So what's the big deal? Well, nothing really. A podcast (as detailed on These Very Pages last year) is just a blog delivered by audio in the ubiquitous MP3 format. But something in the idea has touched a chord in people, and the genre is taking off like a rocket. Even podcasters themselves can't agree on why this is the hottest online topic of '05. They just know it is - despite the fact that the vast majority of the stuff available right now is depressingly amateur, annoyingly irregular, or (worst of all) simply boring.

Want to check it out? Here are some of the ones that get the Geekboy Seal Of Approval. And you don't have to feel left out because you don't own an iPod (or some other inferior brand of digital music player) ... lots of people download the podcasts to their desktops and listen there. But really, you SHOULD have an iPod. Without further ado ...

Daily Source Code - This is considered the one that gave podcasting some mainstream respectability. Out-of-work MTV veejay Adam Curry does an almost daily look at music, books, media, and (of course) podcasting. Oddly enough, he often doesn't bother editing out his microphone fumbles or moments of dead air - stuff that is normally the hallmark of the "14 year old kid with a podcast" brigade. No idea why - I personally think that he leaves it in just to prove he can.

The Evil Genius Chronicles - This was my favourite for a long time. Geek life, music, and generally living large. A staple for the hardcore geek set. Sometimes gets a bit preachy or repetitive, though. Be warned.

The Rock And Roll Geek Show - Another one that I never miss, the RRGS is born out of the fact that your average geek also listens to way cool music that most normal humans have ever heard. Tech, rock, life on the road, AND some actually special "special guests". Ted Nugent, who is a huge fan of grassroots media, shows up on a semi-regular basis and never fails to provoke and amaze with his insight and wit. And you haven't lived until you hear Alice Cooper's monthly commentary about (ta-da!) golf.

The Dawn And Drew Show - This is my current love, and never fails to make me laugh until my coffee comes out of my nose. Virtually the only "comedy" podcast worth listening to, Dawn and Drew are funny, human, and very very naughty. Headphones are a must if you listen in the office. Your co-workers (and bosses) probably don't want to hear Dawn talk about how unfair it is that boys can be proud of their poop, but girls have to pretend to be all demure even if they dump one worth bragging about.

Posted: Sun - January 2, 2005 at 02:55 PM