Podcast round-up

A big steaming pile of podcast poo.

Assorted news from the podcast front today:

When is a podcast not a podcast? When it is on the PORD - Plain Ol' Radio Dial. A failing all-talk station in San Francisco has clutched at the ultimate last straw ... 100% listener-created content. 1550 KCCY is inviting listeners to send in their podcasts to be the basis of the station's programming. While the idea of giving average mopes access to the airwaves is good, the problem here is that mass exposure will inevitably draw the well-heeled special interest groups with axes to grind. And the "people's radio" will give way to "the slickly-produced special interest propaganda station".

Meanwhile, on this side of the border, the Engineering Department of McMaster University is distributing a monthly newsmagazine in the form of a 'cast. Sadly, they are pandering to the Windoze set by distributing in MP3 format instead of proper AAC, but it's a start. Next month's feature: How To 'Pants' An Artsie.

Finally, there are some tentative mainstream attempts to get in on the podcast phenomenon while still maintaining the grassroots "us .vs. them" gestalt that makes the genre so appealing in the first place. The producers of Battlestar Galactica were the first out of the gate, offering commentary by Ronald Moore for each episode as it aired. Some fascinating stuff here, including commentary on the weekly trailers, and the opening prologues - very cool if you are the kind of person who wonders how they decide what gets in and what gets left out when they cut the trailers.

And late to the party (in more ways than one) the creative minds behind Star Trek: Enterprise offered a commentary to one of the final season's better episodes. Too little, too late, but the thought was there ...

Posted: Wed - April 27, 2005 at 03:56 PM