Hidden Agenda

Pardon me while I get out my grain of salt.

You see strange things late at night on television. Usually, it's just best to not subject yourself to the kinds of things that air in the deep wee hours of the morning. However, there are times when you just can't help it. Case in point: I was at a lengthy and at times tedious management seminar for the first four days of this week, and there was much working through the night, which meant (at least in my case) much leaving on of the TV for background noise and occasional moments of distraction.

One of those moments of distraction was CNBC show called "On The Money" that was being aired as some sort of filler at 3:30 am on the closest NBC affiliate. It was the usual sort of "panel of mopes in suits and hair gel" roundtable show where they all took turns being smarter-than-thou. Totally ignorable, for the most part. But ... things took a bit of a twist near the end with the twit hosting the show went on a rant about "stock value being based on over-rated products" and as his "case in point" he pulled an iPod nano out of his pocket. He claimed that he got this "fancy new iPod" and the first time he tried to use it while jogging, it "skipped like a scratched up 45". He claimed that the technology was so bad he could make it skip my "nudging it", and went on to say that "no one from Apple was willing to talk" to him about it.

Hmmm. Could the reason that be that they didn't want to talk to the type of complete and utter moron who would actually think that a flash-based music player could skip? Could it be that the jerkoff was making the whole thing up since it is impossible for a nano to skip? Could it have anything to do with the fact that CNBC is now part of MSNBC and the "MS" there stands for "Microsoft"?

Could it?

No, of course not. Really, this is respectable journalism at it's finest. Really. I mean it.

Posted: Fri - October 21, 2005 at 06:30 PM