Frag Your 'Pod

Yes, Virginia, there is an iDoom.

A few months ago, in These Very Pages, we explored a fun 'n' easy way to use Linux as the OS on your iPod. We also noted that it was fun, and interesting, but not terribly useful as of yet.

Sadly, that last part hasn't changed ... unless you are doing some voice recording (has anyone else noticed how many iPods are now showing up in media scrums?) Linux on the 'Pod is still just a diversion. That diversion, however, just got a whole lot more "diverting" with the release of iDoom. Be like The Rock and frag space creepies with giant guns, all from the comfort of your click-wheel. It runs on pretty much any 'pod with a screen, but (for what should be obvious reasons) looks a lot better on a colour unit. It works especially well on the nano - you could probably hold it in your hand and blast away in a meeting, and no one would be the wiser.

Odd note: There was an April Fool's story about "Doom on the iPod" that was picked up as gospel by a lot of media outlets, leading to some reddened faces and a couple of notable retractions (New York Times, come on down!). Some inspired hackers saw the hoax and thought "Hey, hang on here, that would be cool" and the project was born. Six months later, the hoax is no longer a hoax ... but the Times people still look like fools.

Posted: Thu - November 10, 2005 at 01:39 PM