A shitload of songs

480,100,000 and counting ....

Remember when the iTunes Music Store trumpeted about a million downloads? They gave away prizes and everything.

A million? Big deal. Big fat hairy deal. A million is nothing, boyo. Apple's on-line music store is about to hit a HALF A BILLION downloads. BILLION. With a "B".


So yeah, there is a big fuss about it. To properly mark the occasion, Apple is giving away some more prizes. A free iPod mini (and 50 free songs) for every 100,000th download from 480,100,000 up to the big one. And the lucky mope who downloads song number half-a-freaking-billion gets ten iPods, a handful of download gift cards, and 10000 free songs.

10 'pods. Talk about being able to make friends in a hurry.

Posted: Thu - July 7, 2005 at 09:03 PM