Video Killed The Podcasting Star

Watching is good.

There was a very quiet change at the iTunes Music Store last week, coinciding with the much splashier debut of the iPod nano. WIthout any muss of fuss video podcasts (vodcasts?) started appearing in the podcast browser and subscription lists. One would assume that this all but guarantees that the next step in the iPod revolution will be the much-rumoured video models.

For now, there are a bare few video items available, but the selection is growing every day. You might want to try RocketBoom - it's quirky and fun and has the Geek Seal of Approval. And anything that rags on Tom Cruise is a-okay in my books. Big thanks to DBAG for the tip on this one.

Posted: Tue - September 20, 2005 at 03:24 AM