A Fashion Statement

Wheeling around.

The iPod clickwheels are startling beautiful things. They work as well as they look ... unless you happen to be wearing gloves. In that case, forget it. The 'wheels work by reading fingertip capacitance, not (as many assume) by detecting pressure on the wheel. Most gloves are effective enough insulators to screw this up royally. Makes it kind of tough to be both groovy and warm when it's January north of the 49th.

Enter the Tavo Gloves ... they have conducting fingertips to let you shuffle and scan and still keep your digits from freezing. They look ridiculous, of course, but that is the price you pay in these trying times.

Note: Some poor souls who have shitty internal bioelectrical systems just can''t use the iPod wheels at all - their fingers just dont register. Apparently, the conductive powers of these gloves will even overcome that. But they probably look even dorkier if you wear them inside.

Posted: Mon - January 16, 2006 at 06:49 AM