It's called "convergence"

At least somebody has a clue.

FInally, someone in print media gets it. The San Francisco Chronicle has started to offer a serious portion of their print content as audio feeds via podcasts. This is Big Fucking News. It is no secret that print media as it stands now is on the way out - environmental, technical, and cultural concerns are pushing the old grey rags towards death's door. Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the results from a series of focus groups organized by the Washington Post. And yet, the old boys that run the big dailies continue to stuff their heads up their asses and ignore the writing on the wall. The only thing that really keeps people tied to the print sheets is the portability factor - even with the plague-like spread of wireless and handheld computing devices, it's still kind of tough to read your local rag's web site on the 5:45 commuter train. But if you can take the stories or sections you want with you on your handy dandy digital audio device ... instant news nirvana.

A few other sheets have played around with this in a half-hearted way - The Globe & Mail has a single feed from the business section, sort of - but the Chronicle is virtually alone among the big dailies in making a real attempt at this. Don't look for the stragglers to have an easy time catching up, either. Sucks to be them.

Posted: Sat - July 2, 2005 at 08:16 AM