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More true tales of terror from the Xbox 360 launch! (Updated to remove overloaded video link and add link to Penny Arcade)

The "shortage" of Xbox 360 units is bringing all of the "I have more money than brains" morons out of the woodwork. The first auctions are closing on Ebay, and the best price fetched so far is $3,350 (U.S.). Of course, this is the "premium system" ... no doubt the "core" unit would have fetched less, seeing as how it doesn't, you know, actually play any games.

I would pay good money to see the looks on the faces of these desperate fenderheads when there are suddenly enough units for everyone on December 12th. Oh, ha ha.

Meanwhile, from the "You Can't Make This Shit Up" file, a lot of the lucky owners are finding out that the Xbox 360 doesn't quite work as expected. Tragic and angst-ridden postings from Xbox fanboys on sites here and here reveal that the new box usually crashes within the first half-hour of play, and some of the boxen actually crash on boot. Good times, to be sure. Better, the worst crashes seem to happen in the flagship title Project Gotham Racing 3, where the first lap is usually the last lap. Period.

Seeing is believing, so be sure to check out the photos. I would feel sorry for these mopes if I wasn't actually laughing so hard. I mean, really, this just make my whole week.

UPDATE: It seems like all sorts of people realize that the "core" system is worse than useless.

Posted: Thu - November 24, 2005 at 09:17 AM