Geekback - Rumour Mill Rundown 3


So there was a brief change to the Apple web site this morning - the GarageBand page was briefly changed to talk about how GarageBand features built-in Podcasting support and how the 'casts can be easily published to the world with either iTunes or something called iWeb. There was also a link to the mysterious "iWeb" application (highlighted below) which led to nowhere.

The upshot? GarageBand currently doesn't offer these functions, and there is currently no component in iLife called "iWeb". This means that either Steve Jobs is playing with everyone's heads (not totally unheard of) or that the rumoured integration of an existing blogging package (iBlog?) will be revealed at MacWorld. If this is the case, look for it to be an integrated package that works with iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband to provide one-step publishing of blogs, pictures, and both audio and video podcasts. I up the odds on this to a solid 80% now.

As always, stay tuned ...

Posted: Fri - January 6, 2006 at 12:56 PM