Geekback - Business 101


Some clever types wanted to know what would happen in the caste system at Google if a geek wore a suit. Short answer: Nothing. Long answer: In this case, the clothes do not make the man. A "suit" will remain a corporate drone, slavishly kowtowing to the principles of the latest best-selling management book, even if they were somehow forced into a pair of cargo pants and a "RTFM" t-shirt. A geek, on the other paw, will still be Generally Awesome even if they decide to wear a rather stunning suit to the office - we are talking "states of being" here, and the gift wrapping is immaterial. A useful analogy at this point is Windoze - you can slap all the ME and XP and whatever else shells on the thing to pretty it up, but at it's dismal core it is still DOS and still useless for anything beyond playing solitaire.

Odd note: When geeks do don the finery, they usually wear much nicer suits than the "suits" do. Which is apropos, somehow ...

Posted: Tue - November 29, 2005 at 06:32 AM