Geekback - Xpod

Not so fast, bucko.

Last week in These Very Pages there was a bit about the Xbox 360 recognizing and (for the most part) playing happily with USB-based iPods. However, it now appears that Apple is now working feverishly to turn that link off from the iPod side. The integration with the Xbox represents a possible breach in the Digital Rights Management package - something that Apple promised the record labels in order to get that particular pack or weasels on board. Those weasels, though, are now looking for any excuse to pull the plug on iTunes, and Apple needs to cut out the Xbox interoperability to try and save iTunes. In a nutshell, they will sacrifice the Xbox mopes for the sake of the greater good.

Can't say that i disagree with that strategy.

Posted: Fri - November 11, 2005 at 10:14 AM