Adventures In Journalism

"Missed it by that much."

Don Adams' sad passing was accompanied by a bit of an odd appearance in the local newspaper here. When I say "local newspaper", of course, I mean "local newspaper that claims to be the largest in Canada". You would think that the largest daily newspaper in Canada and self-proclaimed bastion of journalistic quality would take the time to check the stuff that appears on their front page ... but you would be thinking wrong. Check out this front page lug:

Now, you do not have to be some sort of television trivia lunatic to see the problem here. Hell, people I know who profess not to watch TV and were born after the show was dead and gone know that it is KAOS, not CHAOS. Worse, the wire story that appeared as an obituary in this same newspaper specifically mentioned the "evil agents of KAOS". So what is the problem? Do they not have a proofreader? A fact-checker? Someone on staff who might have watched TV at least once in their life? I mean, how hard is this supposed to be?


Posted: Wed - September 28, 2005 at 02:00 PM