Start worrying now, kid.

This newspaper clipping started making the rounds as an internet attachment last week:

I immediately assumed it was a hoax or a doctored photo. What woman in her right mind would complain about the effect of construction noise on her unborn child while SUCKING ON A BUTT IN THE PHOTO? Worse, these sorts of shots are ALWAYS posed by the photographer, so she is actually MAKING AN EFFORT to display her baby-destroying habit. No way, right?

Sadly, this one turns out to be 100% genuine. This photo, cutline, and article appeared in the September 20th edition of The Times of Roanoke, Virginia exactly as you see it here. Better yet, the furor that this bimbo touched off was so intense that The Times actually had one of their columnists write about the whole mess the following week:

Mellissa Williamson came to her door smoking a cigarette Thursday morning. It was a sign that the Southeast Roanoke woman didn't know or didn't care about the furor her photograph had ignited since it appeared in The Roanoke Times on Sept. 20.

The photo showed her seven months pregnant and smoking a cigarette. It accompanied a story about unpopular "traffic-calming" measures under way on Bullitt Avenue, where she lives. The caption said she worries about the effect of jackhammer noise on her unborn child. She couldn't have touched off a controversy more quickly if she'd called President Bush an Islamic extremist.

Dozens of calls and e-mails came to The Roanoke Times impugning her reputation and criticizing the paper for printing the photo. At least one syndicated talk radio host mentioned it, and the picture proliferated on Web sites, with the remark like, "Yeah, the noise is what the baby needs to fear."

You can read the rest of Joe Kennedy's Times article here . And yes, the woman is a selfish and clueless piece of trash.

Poor kid.

Posted: Wed - November 10, 2004 at 02:22 PM