More on the crazy Palm/Nintendo rumours!

Ryman wants to know:

Hey there - any validity to the DS adding PDA functionality? Where'd you hear it?

Great question - and just in time for a clarification / correction / update. The original story came from GamerCentric.com, and claimed that Nintendo had licensed the Palm OS package. This was not entirely true - a message from one of our GeekPals at PalmSource clarifies that the license has been negotiated, but only for the PDA applications that PalmSource offers - Memo, Datebook, Notepad, etc. The actual Palm OS is not part of the deal. The speculation from the rank and file at PalmSource is that Nintendo badly wants the PDA functions to give them an edge in the upcoming portable wars, but Palm wasn't overly interested in outfitting Nintendo with the means to offer a bigger, better, faster TWO-SCREEN Tungsten with WiFi for less than half the price. The licensing of just the applications is a compromise that both sides are happy with, since Nintendo's integration of the apps must now avoid the "look and feel" of the Palm OS.

E3 can't come soon enough ...

Posted: Wed - February 16, 2005 at 06:23 PM