The Time Has Come

Stand by for the WordPress era ...

For the past couple of years I have been using an application called iBlog to organize and edit the entries in this mess. Like virtually any application anywhere, there are pros and cons to iBlog. The pros are that it is small, fast, simple, and makes clean standard HTML that you can host virtually anywhere. The cons are that there is no PHP support, which means no comments, no trackbacks, no user authentication, no on-line editing, no nuttin'.

Despite these limitations, however, I have stuck with iBlog because migrating to something else was going to be a pain. A few weeks ago I installed WordPress on my server, and while it is every bit as easy, flexible, and robust as advertised it also promised to require a massive migration project that was leaning towards article-by-article hand transfer of data. Not so much fun, there.

But, the same bugs in iBlog that caused the loss of the legacy Smarties and Geekbacks have raised their ugly heads again, and eventually you have to draw the line. So - I am going to try and write a script to scrape all of the junk out of the iBlog html files and import it whole hog into WordPress. Some things may not make the jump, and your RSS feeds will probably go bonkers while everything gets cleaned up and messed around, so please bear with.

On the plus side, the new setup will allow for more reader interaction and - if I get really generous - the ability for some of you mopes to edit or correct my stuff. FSM knows that my drivel is sometimes rough around the edges. On the minus side, you can change the look and feel of WordPress-served pages pretty easily - unless you are a total retard and can't grok CSS you can make changes ad infinitum and bug the crap out of people when the style changes willy-nilly.

Posted: Fri - January 6, 2006 at 11:51 AM