Bend Over

Erosion of freedom - step 1. (UPDATE: Adds link to legal analysis)

So much for being smug about living north of the border and not having to deal with a complete loss of privacy in the name of "fighting terrorism". The Canadian government introduced legislation yesterday that attempts to force ISPs to put methods into place to spy on you, and to hand over your personal information without a warrant (you have to read between the lines of legalese, but it's there).

Bullshit. Absolute fucking bullshit of the worst kind.

UPDATE: Michael Geist, who so eloquently broke down the flaws in the new telemarketing act, has a to-the-point legal walkthrough of this mess. He also addresses the government's outright lies regarding judicial oversight and claims that the law "isn't really changing".

Posted: Wed - November 16, 2005 at 05:41 AM