Morons Walk Among Us, Again

Plagues of locusts, rivers of blood, lukewarm coffee.

The hoo-haw about intelligent (and if ever a word was being used loosely, this is it) design continues to crawl around the news wires, with both sides getting shots in here and there.

The right-wings and bible-thumpers were dancing in the streets of Wichita when the Kansas Education Board officially voted to cast doubt on evolution by mandating that creationism, er, intelligent design be taught in their high schools. One of the odder parts of this story is that they claim that support for I.D. (sorry, but having "intelligent design" appear in every sentence was really hosing the flow of the post) comes from the "fossil evidence" and "molecular biology". This, of course, is akin to saying that photos taken from orbit support the theory that the world is flat. Whatever spurious logic floats your boat, I guess.

On the other side of the coin, voters in Dover, Pennsylvania - apparently of somewhat sounder mind that the hilljacks in Kansas - voted out eight members of their school board after said board decided to add I.D. to the curriculum. The incumbents based their reelection platform on the bizarre message of "forcing kids to learn intelligent design equals 'academic freedom'", and the challengers campaigned on "you guys are a bunch of idiots". The voters obviously agreed with the "idiot" assessment.

Meanwhile, noted scholar Pat Robertson tells the folks in Dover that god will get 'em for this.

Posted: Tue - November 15, 2005 at 11:26 AM