Counting the days to October 5th.

I can't say (like many morons are doing) that I "missed hockey" ... because there was tons of hockey during the lockout. For real fans (ie: people outside of Toronto) there was the AHL, the junior leagues, and tons of NCAA hockey on the tube. But I will say that I missed the NHL - big time. Two weeks ago, however, I told myself that I would not be excited about the new season. No matter how badly I missed the game, I would not come back to a bastardization based around a fucking shoot-out. Fix the problems with obstruction, make it so that star players can be stars again, fine and dandy. But the shoot-out has no place in the game, period. Fuck you, Bettman.

Well, you can colour me hypocritical on this one. I realized last week that I am excited about the new NHL season, and I have a minor-league self-hate thing going over it. Shit.

Posted: Thu - September 22, 2005 at 02:49 AM