Right-wing Nutbars 'R Us

You never see this from the other side of the political fence ...

Is it something in the water, or what? Over the past few days the right-wing freakazoids in the U.S. of A. have gone from being "annoying jerks" to "raving fucking assholes". First we had our boy Pat Robertson and his assassination comments. FIne - everyone knows he is a twit, and is safely ignorable. But then the bible-thumping bozos decided to raise the ante by showing up at a FUCKING FUNERAL to claim that the American kids dying in Iraq are a result of god's punishment ... punishment for the fact that the United States allows gay citizens. No fucking lie.

And now, just to prove that any situation - no matter how tragic - can be exploited for dumb-ass holier-than-thou tirades, these buttlicks have sent out "scientific proof" that god is using hurricanes to punish the U.S. for abortions. Really. While they haven't had the brains to update their own stupid web site with the info yet, they sent out a news release overnight with the breathless information that a satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina looks just like a 6-week old fetus. You can see their stupid photos here (note: to enter Salon and read the articles you have to watch an advertisement first) - although the "6-week old fetus" picture looks pretty much exactly like the 16-week old fetus picture that was in a CNN-Online story a few weeks ago. And the hurricane photo looks a lot more like John Ashcroft than a fetus. Whatever.

Posted: Wed - August 31, 2005 at 07:43 AM