iPhone Musings – Part Two

I was at a Second Cup (for those of you south of the border, that is a chain of coffee shops here in Canada, sort of like Starbucks except with actual coffee instead of the piss-weak brown water at Staryucks) the other day and there was a mope trying to send an email from his Blackberry and he poked at the keys for a few minutes and then flipped the ‘berry onto the table in disgust and turned to his friend and uttered a concise and timeless phrase:

“This Blackberry sucks.”

The funny thing here is that there was nothing wrong with his Blackberry at all. It was working just fine, keys responding, screen updating, memory … er, memorying. What was wrong is that his wireless provider’s half-backed digital network had crapped out on him. He had the dreaded “data connection refused” result, and that led to his phone also not being able to make calls and eventually he had to pull the battery and SIM care out of the Blackberry to do a full hard-core reset. The whole time he muttered about how bad his Blackberry was and as he walked out the door he glanced at the trash receptacle and told his friend that he “should toss the fucking thing in the garbage.”

He blamed the device, not the carrier. Which brings us to the whole point of this post: Apple really made a mistake when they went with Rogers as their “exclusive” iPhone wireless partner in Canada. The Rogers wireless network sucks gigantic amounts of hairy balls, with an absolute endless parade of dropped calls, data rejections, and network failures on their “Edge” digital network.

The Edge. That’s a laugh. The Crap would be more apropos.

But the service provider is usually teflon in these situations. Geeks and gear-heads know where to put the blame when the network lets them down, but the average suit-and-tie kind of mope is clueless about this, so they think that their device is at fault. Which means, regardless of how good it actually is, there will be a brigade of young executives down at ye olde coffee shop saying “This iPhone thing sucks.”

It’s a shame, really.

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