RIM Shenanigans

If you carry a BlackBerry and you were thinking about upgrading your OS to any version is numbered … then you probably want to think again. No idea what they are playing at up in Waterloo, but upgrading your BB to the newest OS version will result in a more-or-less crippled Bluetooth interface. We found this out the hard way, and when we went googling searching for info we found that this isn’t something that we fucked up – it seems to be a problem for all current models on all carriers.

Full and annoying details are right here.

There are rampant rumours about what is going down – the best bet would be that some sort of pressure from wireless networks is the reason, although the “RIM is doing it so you buy a Pearl instead” is really gaining traction in some quarters. For what it’s worth, this is not an accident – the speeds recorded are far below the default for the Bluetooth chips in these models, and the only way to get that molasses-like performance is to purposely choke the things back.

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  1. Karrik C. says:

    I wish I had read this first I looked for info after my blackberry bluetooth slowed down

    how do you set it back?

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