Two Toys For Your Pocket

A quick look at a pair of baubles for your web ‘n’ java enabled mobile device:

Google Maps Mobile: This is the latest iteration of the Google Map / Google Local framework for mobile phones. Like the previous iteration (Google Local Mobile) this offers searchable maps and locations from the big database, but now includes some additional niceties like real-time traffic reports. You would be well advised to remember that every time you move the map you are loading data across your wireless connection, and for the average mope that means you are paying your service provider for pretty much every one of those bytes. It isn’t that hard to run up a $1000 cellular bill in just a few days. Hopefully you won’t even have to ask if it’s a beta.

MidpSSH: Midp is an exceptionally slick little SSH client for your handheld. It handles SSH1, SSH2, and telnet sessions with aplomb, saves your session profiles automatically, and (best of all) has macro definition for commonly-typed commands. Everything you need to manage your server anyplace that you can get a cell signal. It’s rock solid and it’s free – just about the best thing since sliced pizza.

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