Now this is interesting and a very cool idea. The Chargebox is popping up all over the U.K. – it is a small stand-alone kiosk with 6 small “lockers” that are just big enough to hold a cell phone or PDA or digital music player. It costs a pound (about 2 bucks Canadian as of today) to stash your device in the locker for 40 minutes.

Why would you do this instead of keeping the thing in your pocket for absolutely free? Easy – each locker has power connections inside that will charge up pretty much any phone or PDA on the market. When you are traveling or on the go, a couple of bucks to get your phone or tunes back up and running is a deal. And while they don’t mention it, since one of the connectors is obviously a mini-USB jack (for charging newer Blackberries) you could also juice up a fair number of digital cameras and GPS handhelds.

I fully expect that we will be seeing these on this side of the pond sooner rather than later. And while some of the potential locations are obvious (airports and the like), there are almost unlimited possibilities for deploying this thing. Golf courses (charge your PDA while you play) and fast food joints are two that immediately pop to mind. I am sure you can think of a million more.

Best idea I have seen in a long time.

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