Geekback: Process Of Elimination

VP Of Product Design, Samsung ElectronicsLast week it was postulated in These Very Pages that Apple would not release any devices with a curved screen at their product event because “Curved screens require the use of OLED technology, and OLED screens look like crap.” The second part of that phrase is indisputably true. The first part, however, now gives me pause. If the gang down in Cupertino decided that there really was a need for a curved screen on a device, I wouldn’t put it past them to invent a new technology that would allow for a curved screen and a display that doesn’t look like a latter-day version of a powder blue leisure suit.

So – perhaps I should have phrased it “Curved screens currently require the use of OLED technology and since OLED screens look like crap the only way we would see this if some entirely new tech has been invented on the sly.”

Something to ponder, but not too much. It’s the longest of long shots at best. The safe money is still on “no curved displays”.

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