Geekback – Blackberry Passport – September 24

I mentioned in passing that the new Blackberry Passport is a nice effort from a standpoint of physical design. It’s understated, business-like, and has a cool sort of industrial vibe that makes it stand out from the endless hordes of iPhone clones. In fact, it could almost be the template for an entire corporate gestalt, a design personality that Blackberry could build an entire visual branding upon.

Sadly, the key word in that previous sentence is “almost”. The effect is ruined by the inexplicable decision to slap their logo on the front. Your design is your logo, bozos. Get rid of that and someone up in Waterloo will have truly come up with a winner.

Blackberry PassportOn the plus side, it looks like there is no space at all for a carrier logo. This is a big step for Blackberry – until now they have always referred to the carriers as their customers. The carriers are just carriers – the people who cart around your handset and tap away on it every day, they are the customers. Not letting carriers brand your phone tells your real customers that you care about them (and their experience) first … letting the carriers slap their name on there is a tacit admission that you work for someone other than the people who ultimately buy your phones and pay your bills.

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