iPhone 6 – September 9

The invite arrived today for the previously-rumoured-and-now-offical Apple event on September 6. The September events are the annual iPhone launches (and model refreshes for existing hardware) so it is no surprise that the iPhone 6 will be unveiled that day. There are two intriguing facets of this event, however, and they could signal that there is more in store that just the new phone.

Invitation to the Apple Event - September 9, 2014Thing One: Instead of Apple’s traditional “event” venues in San Francisco – the Yerba Buena Centre or the Moscone West –
this one is being held down in Cupertino. Twice in the past Apple has used the Flint Centre in Cupertino for product launches … once for the original Macintosh, and once for the first iMac. Two events, two revolutionary products. Is something in the works that will take that count to three-for-three?

Thing Two: Apple is building a custom building of some sort on the grounds of the Flint Centre. As of now, the thing is just a massive featureless cube and is surrounded with some serious security. What’s in it? Why is it needed? What will happen in the Cube Of Mystery that can’t be done in the main building?

Stay tuned through the week … there is much to discuss.

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