Canada Day Ramblings, Part 1

Don Cherry busting some rhymes in Rock Em Sock Em Hockey Vol. 5A constant source of Canadian awesomeness and pride is the depth and quality of our music. Forget Cleveland, it’s Canada that really rocks. The gang over at CBC Music obviously has the same thing in mind today, and they have started a month-long series of The 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever. 25 songs each week through the month of July, with links to songs and videos and a bit of perspective on each piece from fans and musicians alike.

As is natural with music the list is incredibly subjective, and there will be stuff that doesn’t really turn your crank … that’s part and parcel of living in such an incredibly diverse nation. But I do have to take issue with Jack Scott, a bona fide seminal genius, being buried in the bottom 10 of the list. Get a grip, people.

NOTE: Despite the photo, the Rock Em Sock Em Rap from “Don Cherry’s Rock Em Sock Em Hockey Vol. 5” is not on the list. Also, you probably shouldn’t click on the link in the previous sentence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Gene says:

    I hope there’s some Limblifter, Lowest of the Low, and Loverboy on there.

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