Glassholes, Indeed.

A gentleman displaying the standard "Im wearing Google Glass" facial contortion.If you have ever asked yourself “What kind of a tool would walk around wearing a Google Glass?” you might need to stop and rephrase your question. The more appropriate query to boggle your mind might be “What kind of a tool would pay 1500 bucks to walk around wearing 80 dollars worth of silicon?”

Yep. The $1500 retail price of the Google Glass is courtesy of a 94.6 percent markup on the actual cost of components. Fairly hefty markups in the personal electronics world are not a new thing … but “fairly hefty” usually means something in the area of 60 to 65 percent. Items like the iPhone 5S ($228 component cost, $649 retail price) and the Galaxy S5 ($244 component cost, $700 retail price) fall nicely into this range. But ninety-five percent? That takes the Google Glass up into the stratospheric realm of Women’s Designer Clothing, long considered the untouchable holy grail of blatant retail gouging.

Kudos to Google, I guess, for being ballsy enough to do this … and it certainly puts a whole new spin on the word “glasshole”. Who would have thought that wearing a Glass would’t actually be the stupidest part of owning one?

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