Ticket To Ride Holiday Sale

I’ve written about Ticket To Ride before. Possibly more than I should, but what the hell … it’s one of the best board games ever created, period. And right now you can get the desktop edition of the online game for less than half price, so it’s definitely worth writing about again.

$7.99 gets you the original game plus the Europe, Switzerland, Legendary Asia, and USA 1910/Mega/Big Cities maps and card packs. And that is pay once and play on any desktop (OS X, Linux, or Windoze) via Steam or your browser. Or both. Once you buy, you can play on as many machines as you like and download the game wherever you happen to be. It’s a great buy from a great company … if you are a board game fan of any description, don’t miss out on this. If you are on the fence, you can always hit up the Days of Wonder web site to play a few demo games for free.

Don’t forget … after you buy, my handle is “geekboy_x” and I am always up for a game.

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