Door-To-Door Mail Delivery To End. About Fucking Time.

It’s about time. Fifteen years after it should have happened, Canada Post is dragging themselves out of the 19th century and putting an end to door-to-door mail delivery. Of course the assorted luddites, unions, and other know-nothing fenderheads are up in arms about it … which pretty much guarantees that this is a good idea.

Look – door to door mail service is about the worst business plan in the world. If I came to you and proposed a document delivery business where the service went to every potential customer location every single day, regardless of whether a particular customer actually had a delivery, and deliveries would cost the same no matter how far or short the actual delivery path was, and we would charge for this in a time when virtually everyone has instantaneous delivery of documents for free, and we would pay our employees some of the highest wages in the country to do this … you would laugh in my face.

No one needs a buggy whip any more. Nobody buys 8-track tapes. No one wants cell phones with keyboards. This is just another product that has become useless and unnecessary in the face of better options. But unlike buggy whips and Blackberries, this one costs taxpayers a whack of money. Time to pull the plug.

Hell, the only real difference is that the lazy-ass letter carrier will no longer tromp across my lawn instead of using the damn sidewalk.

Good riddance.

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  1. Daroy says:

    Although i am a union employee i agree with much of your statement. I just want to add that after receiving soggy mail recently because someone is incapable of closing a mailbox lid i am more for getting rid of door to door. Had this been important mail, like legal documents, i could have run into serious issues. Antiquated system. Time to move on

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