Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 16

Hey! Christmas is the time for giving, right? So today spend your ho ho ho radio time with a station that is all about giving. Radio Christmas out of the U.K. is an annual effort to help kids in need around the globe. It started as a project to raise money to help street kids in Britain and now supports charities for young’uns around the globe. Homeless kids, hungry kids, kids who work in a dump for a dollar a day … there are a lot of kids who have generally sucky Christmases. Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to toss a couple of bucks their way.

Radio Christmas also has a very cool “Brit-centric” vibe that makes them stand out from the usual holiday fare. If you are a bona fide Scrooge you might get cheesed off by the reminders that it’s all about charity and desperate kids, but everyone else should enjoy the mix. On the web at or search for “radio christmas” on TuneIn.

Ho ho ho indeed.

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