Reuters – Photos Of The Year 2013

The end of any calendar year always means year-end reviews from the assorted news agencies around the globe. The best of these are always the “year in photos” retrospectives and Reuters is first out of the gate with an amazing collection of some seriously powerful images. You should probably be aware that there are some rather graphic items in here … it’s easy to forget that we live in a hell of a nasty world.

It’s also stuff that needs to be shown. Every time someone tries to save a couple of bucks by shopping for cheap-ass “Joe Fresh” clothes at Loblaws, they should have to look at this picture first. In fact, Galen Weston – and his kids – should have to look at this every single day.

TIP: Click on the “View All Images” link under the first picture to browse through without the annoyance of a slideshow.

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