The Ramen Rater .vs. God Of Patena

So I’ve long been a regular reader of “The Ramen Rater“. I have a serious soft spot for noodles in general, and I am all agog when I find some really primo instant ones. I’m also a huge fan of inexplicable Japanese TV – and the more unfathomable the show is, the better I like it. So when Hans the Ramen Rater was a guest on God Of Patena – on one of the strangest of all shows in Japan – I couldn’t stop watching.

The large and shouty Scandinavian-looking fellow in the pink helmet? Just a bonus.

BTW: The best thing about the Ramen Rater is that he puts the UPC number in every review. Makes it quick and super easy to look stuff up when you are at at the asian grocery and checking out the array of packages. Well done, sir, well done.

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