Amazon Prime Air

For those who missed, Jeff Bezos was on 60 Minutes last night and he was talking about Amazon’s new initiative: Amazon Prime Air. In a nutshell, it will use automated drones to deleiver your purchases by air to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.

As fantastic as it seems, this is a lot closer to reality that you might think. Drone technology is widespread, relatively inexpensive, proven, and reliable. And if anyone has the resources (Warning: Brutal pun imminent) to get this off the ground (Hey! I warned you!) it’s Amazon. They have staggering amounts of revenue and have no need to ever turn any of it into profit – a perfect storm for developing pie-in-the-sky (Ha! Again!) stuff like this. And if you are the nay-saying type and wondering how far along from “interesting idea” to “making it happen” they are, take a look:

Obviously this would start in larger cities – and probably ones with pleasant climates – and spread from there. But I have to wonder: How long before people start scanning the skies for flying yellow boxes and shooting the things down for free loot? Or just following them to doorsteps and grabbing the boxes as they leave them? And do you get to keep the little bin? That looks like it would be handy for all sorts of stuff. Just saying.

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