Apple’s New “Black Friday” Strategy

Since 2007 Apple has gone with the same online sale on Black Friday: Discounts on Apple branded hardware (typically 10% on lower-cost items and 5% on high-end ones) and free shipping. This year the rumour was that things would change, and with the stores on the other side of the date line now live with their sale prices it looks like things have changed … and the change is either good or bad depending on your particular mindset.

Instead of straight discounts, the deal is now a gift card with purchase. If you don’t buy from Apple very often, this is not a great deal. If you do purchase regularly (or even semi-regularly) then this is a definite upgrade, since the value of the gift cards looks to be greater across the board than the discount in previous years.

Of course, what is happening in Australia and New Zealand has no definite bearing on what happens in the EU or North America, so stay tuned.

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