Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 2

Let’s change gears in a big way for day 2. SomaFM’s “Christmas Lounge” stream is about as non-traditional as it gets, but still manages to respect the vibe and the message of the season. The foundation of the playlist here is big band and traditional jazz combined with a healthy layer of classic 50s and 60s lounge vocals. You can turn this on behind a dinner gathering or a quiet cocktail gathering and feel like your are having a swinging little gathering backstage at a classic Vegas dinner show.

And interesting little twist is how the playlist varies from the daytime hours through the evening and into the deep of night. During the day there are quite a few remix tracks – christmas cuts from old-school icons like Julie London or Dean Martin that have been recharged with modern beats and bass lines. As the evening wears on the playlist leans towards more traditional swing and big jazz combo work, and when midnight comes around the trance and deep house stuff starts to come out. It keeps the stream fresh and and intriguing around the clock, and means that you will never have to get up and hunt for something “more appropriate” as the mood changes.

As with all the SomaFM channels, you can find “Christmas Lounge” on a multitude of internet radio aggregators, or you can listen online via the web at If you are using the TuneIn Radio app, search for “Soma Christmas lounge” to get a direct hit.

If you are entertaining and want a “set and forget” solution for your Christmas audio, this is definitely the way to go.

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