Like A Rolling Stone

So everyone on the planet was linking to this yesterday, and with good reason … it’s fucking epic.


So just in case you are one of the handful of people who didnt waste an hour gawking at this yesterday, a quick recap: One, Bob Dylan has finally released an official video for Like A Rolling Stone, and two, even if you are not even remotely a Bob Dylan fan you need to watch this.

Did I mention the epic part?

There are a couple of caveats, though. You really need to do this in a traditional web browser on your laptop or desktop. If you watch on a mobile device you are urged to get a viewer app for the “full experience” but really, the experience there is not full. At all. And I know a lot of people sort of sleepwalk through life and don’t read instructions, but read the goddamn instructions at the start!

And if you looked at this and said “Hey, wait, this doesn’t work at all with traditional media” then congratulations … you just figured out where things are going. Too bad you don’t run a newspaper.

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